What is Migration and Reproductive Health?

Migration and Reproductive Health is an area of research with particular interest in the health issues concerning pregnant or post-partum women immigrating from developing countries.

Introducing MiRHR

The Migration and Reproductive Health Research group (MiRHR) was born from the concern for these issues. With members in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, the team includes experts in many facets of health from epidemiology to psychiatry.

Our Objective

The perinatal health of migrant women is the crux of MiRHR and, since its foundation in 2000, it has had one objective:

Understand the influence of the maternal migrant health determinants and, most importantly, dispense this knowledge in a manner that is useful to you!

We are constantly striving to expand our understanding of these issues, extend our network of knowledge sharing, encourage awareness and fuel advancement in our way of handling the migrant reproductive health question.

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